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Anti-static Record Cleaning Brush Goat hair Myllo Vinyllo

Anti-static Record Cleaning Brush Goat hair Myllo Vinyllo

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Myllo Record Brush - a brush for cleaning vinyl records

Specially designed to clean the surface and grooves of vinyl records from dust and other contaminants
Gentle and soft brush made of natural raw materials (goat hair) will help you clean your record safely and gently
Brush handle is made of moisture-resistant wood (sapele), so you can wash it after use
The goat hair on the brush has a small diameter (30 microns), which allows it to get into the "groove" of the record (55 microns wide) and remove dust without any obstacle.

Anstatic brush
Pile color : black
Brush surface : lacquered

* The handle of the brush is made of Sapele wood, which is resistant to external factors, including moisture and microorganisms.
* High wear resistance and durability of materials

Overall dimensions of the brush (general) : 115 x 45 x 15 mm
Overall dimensions (handle) : 115 x 30 x 15 mm
Length (pile) : 15 mm

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