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Vinyl cleaning kit (record cleaning box)

Vinyl cleaning kit (record cleaning box)

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A set for the professional care of vinyl records.
Manufactured by Myllo Vinyllo (manufacturer of record cleaning machines).
It is made to provide high-quality care for your vinyl records.

The set includes everything you need for manual cleaning of vinyl records:
- Antistatic goat hair brush (designed specifically for cleaning vinyl records)
- Microfiber towel (for devices)
- Set of 5 microfiber cloths (for records)
- Ready-to-use vinyl record cleaning liquid (2 x 350 ml)

Myllo Record cleaning Brush antistatic brush
Specially designed for cleaning the surface and grooves of vinyl records from dust and other contaminants
Gentle and soft brush made of natural raw materials (goat hair) will help you clean your record safely and gently
The brush handle is made of moisture-resistant wood (Sapele),
so you can wash it after use
The goat hair on the brush has a small diameter (30 microns) and thus easily gets inside the "groove" of the vinyl record (55 microns wide) and cleans the dust from there

Brush color: black
Brush surface : lacquered

Cloth (microfiber) for cleaning vinyl records
Specially designed for cleaning the surface of vinyl records from dust and other contaminants
Microfiber technology is a blend of microscopic polyester and polyamide fibers that retain dust and dirt.
The lint-free cloth can be used both for dry cleaning and in combination with Myllo Cleaning Solution
Perfectly removes dust and static from the surface of the record
Very soft and safe, suitable for daily care of records

Color: black
Quantity in a package: 5 pieces
Each wipe is individually packaged
Suitable for reusable use

Vinyl Cleaning Solution
A ready-to-use detergent for cleaning vinyl records.
The liquid is designed for gentle and professional care of vinyl and does not contain harmful substances and alcohols.
The solution is based on medical distilled water.
It can be used both for washing records with a vinyl cleaner and for manual cleaning.

- 350 ml will be enough to wash 50 records (350 ml/50 records)

The towel for cleaning vinyl records and device cases is made of microfiber.
Microfiber is a synthetic material. It can be washed at temperatures up to 40°.
They have high mechanical strength - thanks to their structure, they perfectly capture and retain dust.
Strong, durable, and highly absorbent.
Can be used for both dry and wet cleaning, as well as for applying disinfectants and detergents.

Size: 350 x 350 mm
Density: 320 g/m2
Color : black
Material : microfiber

The set is packaged in a cardboard box.
Made in Ukraine

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